Saturday, May 26, 2012

Prison ball 2072 Official Blog

Hello all,

01/06/2012 : New partner, with Neomics miniatures

In 2072, the world has changed, The new world order command the world. The 6 july 2012 the iceland governement told the aliens exists. The 21 december 2012, they came. Since the world started to change.

Human visit the space and colonise the planets, many differents aliens came. The New world order build jails on Earth and on different planet. In 2065 they found idea for make more money, they found the "Prison Ball".

A sport, between ice hockey and handball, where the players can fight and die, no rules just win. But the first year all professionnals players stop play, they asked more money to play. The governement decide to use the prisonners in jails all around the world and space. No salaries just be the promise of freedom for the winner of Play Off, during the christmas tournament.

Prison ball was Born.

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